White Label Development 

Our service includes custom software development, plugin creation, and microservices, tailored to your needs. This can be provided with ongoing support or as a one-time service without any long-term commitments.

Adobe Commerce/ Magento 2 development 

We provide customized plugin implementation services, encompassing both backend and frontend extensions. Our offerings include banking and courier plugins, custom screens, reporting, and marketplace integrations. We excel in configuring both the Hyvä theme, known for its swift and lightweight structure, and Weltpixel plugins and extensions, enhancing your website’s functionality and user experience for optimal performance and design quality.

Specialized IT sourcing services 

Leveraging over 15 years of experience in information technology, we offer access to a network of elite professionals. This allows us to extend our capabilities beyond our in-house team, incorporating expertise from a range of third-party collaborators.

Bespoke Web Apps 

Our expertise lies in developing specialized web applications, both for internal corporate use and external customer-facing services. Additionally, we design and build custom, traditional websites and tailored web apps, ranging from fully independent to semi-autonomous solutions.

Mobile Apps 

Our services include the creation of native Android apps using Java/Kotlin, capable of connecting to various third-party subsystems or web services. We can help you establish a lightweight Warehouse Management System (WMS), a price checker, or an application that integrates with your ERP system for stock management or fetches data from an XML or specific endpoint. Our expertise extends to working with mobile devices and well-known PDAs

UI/UX Consulting & Development

Our team, in collaboration with leading experts, specializes in researching and developing user interfaces for applications and web pages. This service can be offered as a standalone consultation or as part of a comprehensive project implementation.

WeltPixel is dedicated to assisting merchants in establishing and flourishing their online business presence. Collaborating closely with top-tier Magento Technology Partners, WeltPixel offers a comprehensive 360-degree view for every merchant, ensuring all aspects of their online enterprise are covered. Our services extend from the initial design and development stages to the integration and thorough analysis of your business platform. Central to our offerings is the innovative Pearl Theme, combined with the robust capabilities of both Magento Commerce and Magento Open Source. This integration of cutting-edge technology and expert guidance equips merchants with all the tools and support necessary for a successful online venture.

Hyvä Themes offers a brand-new Magento frontend, built from scratch, using the Magento templating system, but written entirely from the ground up. Hyvä Themes was built with a focus on performance and reduced complexity, meaning you get a faster webshop while saving development hours on customizations. And it makes developers happier.Hyvä offers a great alternative to Single-Page-Applications (SPAs), usually delivering faster websites using less budget, while using tools most Magento developers already know. Hyvä offers a great alternative to Single-Page-Applications (SPAs), usually delivering faster websites using less budget, while using tools most Magento developers already know.